NCITD’s primary objective is to keep our membership informed while maintaining direct contact with the regulatory policy-makers. By joining NCITD you gain direct access to the policy makers who participate in government and international relations. You also gain access to our membership -- experienced professionals who can provide practical perspectives on compliance with complex regulations. 

If you are interested in joining NCITD please fill out the downloadable form below.  Please note that dues are collected on an honor system. We rely on members to accurately represent the size of their organization. Download a *.PDF version of our application form.

Primary Contact *
Primary Contact
Dues are calculated by the company's annual gross sales, in parentheses next to the corresponding annual dues amount.
Service provider annual dues are based on the number of employees.
Annual Dues - Not for Profit Organization ($500.00)

NCITD membership allows your company to send more than one representative of your company to any of our meetings. Participation provides many benefits to member companies. 

•A voice in Washington that addresses current export and import regulatory issues through formal correspondence with appropriate regulatory agencies.
•A one-on-one monthly dialogue with policy makers.
•A forum to offer informal constructive feedback on “proposed” regulations.
•Seminars and workshops.
•Access to monthly meeting minutes.
•An opportunity to benchmark with member companies.
•A network of experienced professionals offering practical advice on complex export and import related regulatory issues.
•A reduced burden in consulting and legal fees.
•A positive and proactive relationship with government officials through "off the record" dialogue.
•NCITD's reputation for valuable views on international trade issues.

Membership in the NCITD is open to anyone with an interest in international issues. Companies with activites in the areas of import and export are strongly encouraged to join. Annual dues are assessed based on company size with a separate scale applying to service providers. Dues are based on:

Gross Sales and Corresponding Annual Dues
Up to $10 million $ 500
$10 million to $25 million $ 750
$25 million to $50 million $1,000
$50 million to $100 million $1,500
$100 million to $500 million $2,000
$500 million to $1 billion $2,500
Over $1 billion $3,000 

Service providers will be charged according to how many employees they have, according to the following scale:

Employees Dues
1 - 2 $500
3 - 10 $1,500
Over 10 $2,000

In addition NCITD has a non-profit organizational membership available for non-profit organizations involved in import and export compliance. Non-profit organizational membership is $500 per year.